Interview with Seth Smith

This next week our board will be having an Artist Meet-Up with the 2018 Cherry Creek Arts Festival’s commemorative poster artist Seth Smith. Between poster signings and preparing for the arts festival, we asked Seth a few questions and really got to know this year’s poster artist!

You can learn more about Seth at our A Pie and a Painter Walk into a Diner event on Monday, June 4th. Tickets are $29 and include a cocktail, appetizers, and a piece of cherry pie in honor of this year’s CherryArts Festival poster, “Cooper’s Diner”.

Seth in his studio

PERSPECTIVE: Alright, first question. You’re a painter, you’re from Kansas City, you’re coming to the CherryArts Festival in July… What’s your background?

SS: I have a Painting and Printmaking degree from the University of Kansas, and I ran an art gallery in Kansas City for ten years. [Painting] is my escape and release…it’s really the only way I feel like I belong in this world!

PERSPECTIVE: How do you work? What’s your process, and what inspires you?

SS: I spend most of my time during the process of making a piece on the “idea”. I sit at the computer working on the composition (in Photoshop) about triple the amount of time it takes the actual painting! [I am] inspired by seeing enthusiasm and passion, and enjoy working on the next idea!

PERSPECTIVE: Maybe the toughest question ever asked… Who is your favorite Artist?

SS: Hmmm…Tom Waits, J.M.W. Turner, Winslow Homer

PERSPECTIVE: What is your dream project?

SS: Do an  album cover for Jimmy Buffett.


PERSPECTIVE: With your experience managing an Art Gallery, what’s your best advice for new or young art collectors?

SS: Buy what you love! Never worry about the art market or what a designer tells you you should like. Trust your instinct and understand that an art collection can start with the smallest of works!


We are so very excited to get to know Seth and learn more about him and his process at next week’s event. Tickets are limited, so hurry and snag one for the opportunity to get to know a great artist in an intimate setting!

Buy Tickets Here

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 8.56.49 PM
“Cooper’s Diner” by Seth Smith – official Cherry Creek Arts Festival Poster 2018

Seth was selected at this year’s 2018 Cherry Creek Arts Festival Commemorative Poster Artist. His prints/commemorative posters of his piece, titled “Cooper’s Diner” is available available at the Cherry Creek Art Festival’s “Art Shop”– Enjoy and buy art from Arts Festival artists, as well as our popular annual posters!


Call For Entry


CherryArts Festival at Stanley deadline is fast approaching, so Perspective is here to give you a quick lo-down about the festival, and invite you to get your application in for review!


If you’ve heard of the Cherry Creek Arts Festival (which let’s be honest, is difficult not to know about) then you’ve heard of CherryArts. CherryArts is the non-profit whose mission is to provide access to art experiences and support arts education in Colorado.  

If you haven’t been to the Stanley Marketplace yet, you’re missing out! The Stanley Marketplace is a community of 50+ businesses “working together to offer the community a place to eat, drink, work, play, learn, grow, gather and explore.”


CherryArts Festival at Stanley is similar to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, but on a slightly smaller scale.  Out of all of our applicants, CherryArts invites 100 artists to exhibit with us, so make sure you get that application in. We’re on a mission to serve up national art, local flavor, and creative living; and we want you to be part of it!


The application deadline is April 26th, 2017.  The event is from Friday, September 15 through Sunday, September 17.  


Stanley Marketplace, 2501 Dallas Street Aurora, Colorado 80010


This should be a given! If you’re an artist, then you want to get your work out to the public eye- you want to support arts education so that younger generations grow up to love and appreciate art (and become art buyers!) CherryArts is here to help you do just that.  

You can find out more information about CherryArts at Stanley and submit your application by clicking  here. We hope to see you there!

Interview with Anna Charney

With the opening of the Cherry Creek Arts Festival this weekend, we wanted to highlight the Colorado born and raised, Anna Charney.

Anna recently received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago with a focus in Painting and Drawing. Currently, She is living and working in her hometown of Denver, Colorado, and will be exhibiting at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival July 1-4 as a Mixed Media artist, booth #171 – be sure to check it out!

In this video by Eric Schwartz, learn about Anna’s growth as an artist so far, how she came to where she is now, and what her art process includes. WATCH  IT HERE


unnamed (2)

PERSPECTIVE: Who are you and what do you do?
ANNA: My name is Anna Charney and I am an artist – currently living and working in Denver, Colorado. I was born and raised here, but moved to Chicago in the fall of 2012 to go to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I’ve been back in Denver working in my studio for just over two months now and have been developing a large body of acrylic paintings to show at CCAF this summer. I’m really excited about my new body of work and have been having a blast busting it all out in my Denver studio!
Besides being a passionate and dedicated artist, I’m also a great traveler and a regular concert go-er. Travel has been so important and influential to me throughout my whole life and I’ve continued to seek out new and foreign experiences as a young adult. I spent the first couple months of this year teaching art and English in Peru and am planning an extended trip to Thailand at the end of this summer.

PERSPECTIVE: Why do you do what you do?
ANNA: I love everything about painting and all the things in the art world that accompany it. We’re all told to pursue a career where you love what you do because then you’ll wake up everyday and work won’t feel like work – well, that’s exactly what I’m going for! For the past few months I’ve been working in the studio here in Denver it doesn’t feel like work at all, I love what I do and am happy to be there all the time.

PERSPECTIVE: How do you work?
ANNA: I use a large variety of image making tools/processes and media in my work. Although almost everything I am doing now is a painting, I am educated in several forms of art and have great interest in printmaking – I’ve used screenprinting extensively in mixed media paintings throughout my time as an undergrad at SAIC and it’s had a great affect on how I make work now. I use collage (of my own screenprints) in some of my works. A large majority of my more recent body of work that I’ve made since moving back to Denver, is made using freehand drawing,  and also drawing on photoshop, where I then project my patterns and trace them onto my canvases. I use acrylic paint and airbrush.
I work in my studio in my home right now – always with a mug of hot tea and loud music or a radio podcast playing in the background.

PERSPECTIVE: What work do you most enjoy doing?
ANNA: My artistic process is very labor intensive, especially including the airbrush technique that I use. It requires a lot of masking and stenciling, so I spend hours tracing and cutting many shapes or dots, then airbrushing over them and peeling off the tape after. Although it takes a long time to get to this point, the taking off of the stencils and revealing of the image is definitely my favorite part. It’s incredibly satisfying to all of a sudden see all of my hard work pay off.

PERSPECTIVE: Who is your favorite artist?
ANNA: Right now my absolute favorite artist is Felipe Pantone – he’s a graffiti artist/painter/sculptor/installation artist who is based in Spain. Other favorites include Crystal Wagner, Clark Goolsby, Geoffrey Todd Smith, and of course, Bridget Riley.

P: What inspires you?
A: All of my work is driven by my interest in optical art and illusions or tricks of the eye.

P: What is your dream project?
A: I don’t think I could yet explain the absolute dream project, but I am very intrigued by installation work right now. For my thesis project for my BFA in the fall, I did a painting installation called Cybercycling (which you can see on my website:, it was my first installation ever and was really exciting for me. This is definitely the direction that I want my work to grow in. Right now I’m imagining a lot more installation pieces, and if I get to dream big, it’ll be the bigger the better. Since my work is all about an immersive and overwhelming viewing experience, that is so much more powerful at a greater scale.

P: Do you have any advice for new or young art collectors?
A: My best advice for new or young art collectors would be to scout out young and promising new artists and support them early in their careers.

Thanks, Anna!
You can view more of Anna’s work on her website,
Visit Anna’s booth (#171) at this year’s Cherry Creek Arts Festival!

PERSPECTIVE: Elevated, July 2nd

All art-minded patrons are invited!

Don’t miss the CherryArts Young Professionals Board’s brand new event, PERSPECTIVE ELEVATED, an all-new celebration of art through creative activities and conversations, hosted by 9NEWS (KUSA) Reporters/Anchors Jessica Oh and Ryan Haarer at Room & Board Furniture Cherry Creek.

This incredible roof-top happy hour will be hosted literally above, during and within the Cherry Creek Arts Festival on Saturday, July 2nd at the newly remodeled and stunning Room & Board. This electrified event will feature interactive art, music, food, and open-bar beverage in celebration of the 2016 Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

Saturday, July 2nd from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.


use code: 2016YP to receive $10 off your ticket purchase!

Interview with Lynn Whipple

Last week, Cherry Creek Arts Festival had their kickoff party in celebration of this year’s event AND commemorative poster artist Lynn Whipple. Between poster signings and preparing for the arts festival, we asked Lynn a few questions and really get to know this year’s poster artist!

Lynn Whipple is a full time artist, who favors collage/mixed media and painting.

From her website:

“I am deeply grateful to live my life as an artist. Play and discovery are my dearest and most constant companions. There are a zillion tiny challenges in each art making experience, and so often I find, just as many small, sweet victories. Without a doubt, living creatively is the most enjoyable and satisfying game I know.”

PERSPECTIVE: First question is.. Easy? Please share with us what you do, and why you do it.
My name is Lynn Whipple and I am a visual artist and creativity teacher. I love what I do!! I paint, draw, write, work with collage and generally get to experiment and make interesting combinations out of color, line, shape and mark! It is creative play, the thing I enjoy most.

PERSPECTIVE: How do you work?
When I am not outside drawing or painting, I go to my studio which is a big warehouse that I share with my husband and 20 other artists called I have a big messy space with dozens of paintings and drawings going at the same time. There are loads of interesting things pinned up on my walls that I find inspiring. I start with layers of paint, then charcoal drawing, then more paint, more drawing….. you build a surface and the imagery goes on top.

Photo of Lynn’s Studio

P: How’d you get to where you are today? What’s your background?
I spent many years working at Nickelodeon Studios making children’s television. I worked every job in the Art Department, from Prop Person, to Scenic Painter, to Set Decorator to Art Director.

P: What?! Nickelodeon! Pretty sure that’s every kid’s dream at some point. With so much experience, what work do you most enjoying doing?
I love it all! I love color, spattering paint, drawing, abstracting forms, designing. I also love teaching and encouraging others to “move their hands” so they can enjoy their own creativity.

P: Who is YOUR favorite artist?
Good one… I am a huge fan of Tim Hawkinson and of Andy Goldsworthy 

P: With so much collaboration between drawing, collage, painting, etc. we have to ask, what inspires you?
Nature, music, words, other artists, flavors, colors, flowers, travel

P: What would be your dream project?
Working really large and loose and designing interactive artwork that can allow folks to be a part of it. I would love for anyone who came across the work to be able to participate in some way that they can see the effects of their ideas happen immediately. To let them be engaged in the creative act as well.

P: Final Question…Do you have any advice for new or young art collectors?
Go for what speaks to you. Something that sparks your interest, that makes you lean in and appreciate or learn…. Go for what feels right and excites your brain.

Lynn was selected at this year’s 2016 Cherry Creek Arts Festival Commemorative Poster Artist. Her prints/commemorative posters of her piece, titled “Wild Fresh Flowers” is available available at the Cherry Creek Art Festival’s “Art Shop”– Enjoy and buy art from Arts Festival artists, as well as our popular annual posters!



Anyone Can Be An Art Collector

To the younger generations, the art world can seem daunting. However with an open mind, honesty about your tastes and by asking lots of questions, you can finally (and easily) start an art collection.

Where to get started? We’ve pulled a few great tips for you.

1 >>”Dispense with the idea of making a fortune from identifying the next big thing.”
Elaine Ronson, The Observer

According to art economist Don Thompson inThe $12 Million Stuffed Shark (Palgrave Macmillan), even Charles Saatchi “loses money on two purchases out of five, earns a moderate profit on two and makes a large profit only on the fifth.” If this is the best that the world’s most noted collector can do, what hope is there for the rest of us?

With those expectations out of the way, start looking at as much art as possible. Focus on a style that you enjoy, and suspend the skepticism, anxiety and fear triggered by something new or hard to understand—this is the first step to falling in love with an artwork.

2 >>”You don’t need to spend a bundle to display beautiful, inspiring works of art in your home” – Hollie Desse, USA Today Home Magazine

“Knowing which artists do have staying power can be incredibly intimidating for buyers on any level. But original art can be bought online for as little as $50—framed and ready to hang.

“Don’t devalue something just because it is priced at less than what you think ‘good’ art should be priced at,” says Ginger Porcella, founder of Big Deal Arts Advisory in New York. “I always tell people that if you really like it, buy it, whether it is $50 or $500.”


A few of our favorite websites to browse original pieces?

3 >>Find artists via platforms you’re already familiar with

“By scrolling through my Instagram feed I first discovered the work of Kasper Sonne and Sofia Leiby. My interest in the two grew, eventually leading to their work being added to my collection” says Scott Friedman (@sfriedz), a young New York collector.

“According to a recent survey of collectors on Instagram, an incredible 51.5% have purchased works from artists they originally discovered through Instagram. More importantly, this discovery led to an average of 5 purchased works by artists originally found on the app!” –

Scrolling through hashtags or searching artist instagrams can help you find artists you love. Plus by following them you get a small glimpse of their daily life.

Best artists to follow? put together the 50 Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram.

4 >>Do your research, and get involved

This is probably the MOST IMPORTANT tip and according to ArtNet, millennials are already pretty good at this!

They [Millennial collectors] understand in order to do their own research, they have to connect with the right people.” Schlencker says. This includes connecting with them via social media as well as in-person. “Following the right people, checking out what they have, most of the time its on Instagram,” he explains.

“First thing they do is follow the people they look up to, collectors or celebrities in the art world. You end up discovering new artists, then you look for the hashtag, and then if you’re really interested you’ll look for articles and prices,” he says.

“Young collectors don’t just want to buy art, they also want to know more about the art world. Many institutions have programs that get Millennial collectors involved early.

Depending on the level you’re in, these young collectors councils include you on museum acquisitions, special events, VIP access to fairs, and artist studio visits. Members can range from bankers, financiers, art world denizens to all kinds of creative types. These councils are a sure way to access the “exclusive” art world, while gaining some cultural education along the way… – Christie Chu, ArtNet


Whatever you chose, make sure it’s something you LOVE

If there’s anything we’ve learned during our research, it’s that there are LOTS of different types of art to collect, and you don’t necessarily have to stay within the lines when it comes to collecting. Understanding the market and getting involved in local art organizations will set you up for success. The next step? Find an original piece you love and go from there.

Hey, your wall could look like this one day:

1381768129277_become-an-art-collector-gq-magazine-october-2013-art-01 (1)
Architectural designer Reinaldo Leandro (pictured above) got in early on several rising artists before their prices went stratospheric. 1. Eighteenth-century Peruvian painting gifted by his mother; 2. Helmut Newton print; 3. Ocean painting by his business partner, Ariel Ashe; 4. Karl Haendel drawing; 5. Painting from Dan Colen’s Trash series; 6. Wax piece by Rashid Johnson.

Recap: A Day Well Spent with Nikki Nation

On May 15th , 2016, local Denver artist Nikki Nation led a group of participants in the art of jewelry-making and pendant-stamping in Perspective’s first workshop in the Perspective Shift series. The series aims to foster art appreciation and involvement among young professionals in Denver through creative art experiences and introduction to its up and coming artists.

Hosted at Nikki’s workshop, an artists’ collective in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood, the afternoon began with delicious refreshments like hummus and pita chips, crisp veggies, cocktails and wine. Nikki gave an introduction to the various materials of pendant stamping, including the many different stamps and hammering techniques, as well as a ‘how-to’ demonstration which gave participants inspiration to begin. She also demonstrated how to give the silver or copper pendants a different look using a patina technique which darkened the stamped and textured pieces.

During the two hour-long workshop, the sounds of hammering and laughter were heard as participants examined the materials, tested out their own ideas and techniques, and finally created two pieces each to take home. Nikki assisted with design ideas, and helped with any drilling or cutting needs along the way.

One of the participants, Sarah Noelle, said: “I appreciated the opportunity to work with a medium I hadn’t worked with before, and was excited that I got to take home my personalized pieces!”

Many thanks to Nikki Nation for her fantastic jewelry-making workshop! You can see Nikki’s work on her website,, and at her booth at the upcoming 2016 Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

Stay tuned for information on the next PERSPECTIVE Shift art workshop.

Interview with Nikki Nation

We took a few quick moments out of Nikki’s day to ask a few questions before we join her at her studio on May 15th for the first ever PERSPECTIVE: Shift jewelry edition.
Nikki is a full time jewelry artist/bench jeweler here in Colorado.
From her website:

Nikki has always had a strong interest in jewelry and body adornment from a young age. As a child she would create jewelry using a variety of materials and found objects. She found inspiration while exploring her grandmother’s jewelry collection,  from the different styles, materials, patterns, and shapes of every unique piece.

While studying Interior Design in college, she took a metalsmithing class and fell in love. She switched her area of focus  and in 2006 recieved her BFA in Jewelry & Metalsmithing.

eb951b_d1a85a4b8a9248bfb16688a9a5246dc7PERSPECTIVE: This is a really broad question, but why do you do what you do?
NIKKI: I don’t quite know how to answer this…. I guess I’ve always been creative and I’ve explored many creative outlets. After trying multiple mediums and art forms, I found that metalsmithing was the best way for me to communicate my ideas and to express myself. I really enjoy using techniques, tools, and metals that have been used for thousands of years. 
PERSPECTIVE: How do you work?
NIKKI: I tend to work a little different than some artists. I don’t really sketch or come up with full collections and lines based on one thing that inspires me. I normally start by working with metal in the raw form. While working on a piece, I normally get an idea. From there I sketch it out, and then go back to it later when I have time. I have stacks of designs and ideas and photos on my phone from “sketching” out with metal pieces that I can later reference. In the end everything has a cohesive feel, but comes from an unplanned place. I normally think of one of a kind pieces while working on production work. I also randomly get ideas in inconvenient places such as while driving or when I’m out being active.  
 P: How’d you get to where you are today? What’s your background?
N: I received my BFA in Jewelry & Metalsmithing in undergraduate school, and after graduation went on to manage a jewelry store, teach at multiple non-profit arts organizations, and I started figuring out a production line. A few years out of college I moved to Colorado and took a unplanned break from making and teaching. So jewelry in general. I started to pursue a Master’s degree in Arts Administration, and after getting into that decided that I really missed making jewelry. I found a new job as a bench jeweler for a small local jewelry company, and that inspired me to get back into jewelry. I started renting a studio space in River North Arts District, and worked on developing some new ideas. I finished my Master’s last summer and from there I launched my business and I pretty much make jewelry full time. I do still work a few days a week as a bench jeweler for someone else, and I also run my own business on the opposite days.


P: Congrats on getting your master’s! That’s a HUGE accomplishment! With so much experience, what work do you most enjoying doing?
N: My favorite thing is making one-of-a-kind statement pieces where I can experiment with my ideas on a slightly larger scale. 


P: Who is your favorite artist?
N: This is a tough question. I don’t really have one favorite. I would say Piet Mondrian, Mark Ryden, SWOON, and Richard Serra, Alexander Calder, Victor Vasarely, and Bridget Riley to name a few. 


P: As we discussed a little earlier, your inspiration comes from a lot of different places, but we’re still going to ask, what inspires you?
N: Another hard question, since there are so many things that do! I think I’m really inspired being around other artists who work in a variety of mediums and medias, and are really pursuing a full time career. It’s really inspirational to be around such a strong support group across the country.  Other things that I draw inspiration from are geometry, industrial spaces and landscapes, patterns, textures, and nature. 


P: Final question… What is your dream project?
N: One dream project is be collaborating with another artist, or a few artists, and creating a body of work that is left open to play. Nothing being preplanned. Another would be creating one of a kind pieces, or a body of work and presenting it for a museum exhibition. 


You can learn more about Nikki by visiting her website or her Facebook page.
Meet Nikki in person on May 15th and make your own jewelry at PERSPECTIVE: Shift – Jewelry Edition 

PERSPECTIVE Shift: Jewelry Edition

On May 15th, the Perspective crew invites you to visit the studio of one of Denver’s up and coming jewelry artists, Nikki Nation of Nikki Nation Jewelry.

Nikki will share how she became an artist and what drew her to jewelry and she will discuss her process of creating art, while also leading the group in creating your own jewelry !

Learn how to stamp, patina and create two pendants for you to take home in this workshop. Snacks and drinks will also be provided.


This event has two different classes. More details and link to buy tickets, below.

Perspective Shift: Jewelry Edition May 15th
Two session times are available:
1st session 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm (seats are limited) $30.00
2nd session 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm (seats are limited) $30.00