Interview with Lynn Whipple

Last week, Cherry Creek Arts Festival had their kickoff party in celebration of this year’s event AND commemorative poster artist Lynn Whipple. Between poster signings and preparing for the arts festival, we asked Lynn a few questions and really get to know this year’s poster artist!

Lynn Whipple is a full time artist, who favors collage/mixed media and painting.

From her website:

“I am deeply grateful to live my life as an artist. Play and discovery are my dearest and most constant companions. There are a zillion tiny challenges in each art making experience, and so often I find, just as many small, sweet victories. Without a doubt, living creatively is the most enjoyable and satisfying game I know.”

PERSPECTIVE: First question is.. Easy? Please share with us what you do, and why you do it.
My name is Lynn Whipple and I am a visual artist and creativity teacher. I love what I do!! I paint, draw, write, work with collage and generally get to experiment and make interesting combinations out of color, line, shape and mark! It is creative play, the thing I enjoy most.

PERSPECTIVE: How do you work?
When I am not outside drawing or painting, I go to my studio which is a big warehouse that I share with my husband and 20 other artists called I have a big messy space with dozens of paintings and drawings going at the same time. There are loads of interesting things pinned up on my walls that I find inspiring. I start with layers of paint, then charcoal drawing, then more paint, more drawing….. you build a surface and the imagery goes on top.

Photo of Lynn’s Studio

P: How’d you get to where you are today? What’s your background?
I spent many years working at Nickelodeon Studios making children’s television. I worked every job in the Art Department, from Prop Person, to Scenic Painter, to Set Decorator to Art Director.

P: What?! Nickelodeon! Pretty sure that’s every kid’s dream at some point. With so much experience, what work do you most enjoying doing?
I love it all! I love color, spattering paint, drawing, abstracting forms, designing. I also love teaching and encouraging others to “move their hands” so they can enjoy their own creativity.

P: Who is YOUR favorite artist?
Good one… I am a huge fan of Tim Hawkinson and of Andy Goldsworthy 

P: With so much collaboration between drawing, collage, painting, etc. we have to ask, what inspires you?
Nature, music, words, other artists, flavors, colors, flowers, travel

P: What would be your dream project?
Working really large and loose and designing interactive artwork that can allow folks to be a part of it. I would love for anyone who came across the work to be able to participate in some way that they can see the effects of their ideas happen immediately. To let them be engaged in the creative act as well.

P: Final Question…Do you have any advice for new or young art collectors?
Go for what speaks to you. Something that sparks your interest, that makes you lean in and appreciate or learn…. Go for what feels right and excites your brain.

Lynn was selected at this year’s 2016 Cherry Creek Arts Festival Commemorative Poster Artist. Her prints/commemorative posters of her piece, titled “Wild Fresh Flowers” is available available at the Cherry Creek Art Festival’s “Art Shop”– Enjoy and buy art from Arts Festival artists, as well as our popular annual posters!



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