Interview with Seth Smith

This next week our board will be having an Artist Meet-Up with the 2018 Cherry Creek Arts Festival’s commemorative poster artist Seth Smith. Between poster signings and preparing for the arts festival, we asked Seth a few questions and really got to know this year’s poster artist!

You can learn more about Seth at our A Pie and a Painter Walk into a Diner event on Monday, June 4th. Tickets are $29 and include a cocktail, appetizers, and a piece of cherry pie in honor of this year’s CherryArts Festival poster, “Cooper’s Diner”.

Seth in his studio

PERSPECTIVE: Alright, first question. You’re a painter, you’re from Kansas City, you’re coming to the CherryArts Festival in July… What’s your background?

SS: I have a Painting and Printmaking degree from the University of Kansas, and I ran an art gallery in Kansas City for ten years. [Painting] is my escape and release…it’s really the only way I feel like I belong in this world!

PERSPECTIVE: How do you work? What’s your process, and what inspires you?

SS: I spend most of my time during the process of making a piece on the “idea”. I sit at the computer working on the composition (in Photoshop) about triple the amount of time it takes the actual painting! [I am] inspired by seeing enthusiasm and passion, and enjoy working on the next idea!

PERSPECTIVE: Maybe the toughest question ever asked… Who is your favorite Artist?

SS: Hmmm…Tom Waits, J.M.W. Turner, Winslow Homer

PERSPECTIVE: What is your dream project?

SS: Do an  album cover for Jimmy Buffett.


PERSPECTIVE: With your experience managing an Art Gallery, what’s your best advice for new or young art collectors?

SS: Buy what you love! Never worry about the art market or what a designer tells you you should like. Trust your instinct and understand that an art collection can start with the smallest of works!


We are so very excited to get to know Seth and learn more about him and his process at next week’s event. Tickets are limited, so hurry and snag one for the opportunity to get to know a great artist in an intimate setting!

Buy Tickets Here

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 8.56.49 PM
“Cooper’s Diner” by Seth Smith – official Cherry Creek Arts Festival Poster 2018

Seth was selected at this year’s 2018 Cherry Creek Arts Festival Commemorative Poster Artist. His prints/commemorative posters of his piece, titled “Cooper’s Diner” is available available at the Cherry Creek Art Festival’s “Art Shop”– Enjoy and buy art from Arts Festival artists, as well as our popular annual posters!


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